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UBMC Annual General Meeting!

It's just 3 weeks until the one of the biggest, most exciting events in the UBMC calendar (or any other calendar for that matter), the UBMC AGM!!! This is your chance to vote for who you want running the club this year, or to run for any of the amazing committee positions on offer. It's a great chance to have a say in the future of the club, and if that hasn't already sold it there will be a chance to win the honour of your design featuring on the summer trip beaters and/or the UBMC hoodies AND the bragging rights for best Photo of the YEAR!

How does the AGM work?

The AGM starts at 6pm on Wednesday 13th March, and lasts a little while so bringing snacks/beer is recommended! Despite its length it is loads of fun, and we’ll be going to a curry afterwards! There will be a couple of presentations recapping the past year, and a competition for the design of hoodies and beaters (send designs to [email protected] (Nick Hill)) as well as the results of the photo comp (send pics to [email protected] ( Eve Shalom)). This will then be followed by the elections!

How do I run for a committee position?

If you want to run for a position at the AGM then you’ll want to follow these steps:

1) Read the role descriptions below and decide which you’d like to run for! – Don’t worry if you don’t get voted into your first choice of role, if you’re mega keen to be on committee you can run for multiple roles on the night! Any UBMC member can run for any position, so don’t be put off!

2) Talk to the suggested people at the end of the role description about what that role involves specifically, and any past/present committee members about committee life in general! You need to be sure of what you’re committee-ing too!

3) Come along to the Open Committee Meeting on Tuesday 26th February!– This is a great opportunity to experience committee life first hand before the AGM. Don’t worry if you can’t make it though, it won’t be counted against you at the AGM!

4) You’ll need to prepare a short speech covering why you want to run including why you’re going for that position and what makes you great for it (although this can be as serious or winged-it as you like!). For the executive positions (President, Vice-President, Secretary & Treasurer) you’ll probably want to say a bit more about why you’ll be good for that particular role!

5) Find someone to nominate you on the night, as well as a seconder for the nomination – While this might sound scary don’t be put off, just ask a friend to shout out your nomination and there’s always plenty of willing seconders on the night!

6) After all candidates for a role have given their speeches you’ll have to answer questions from the audience – Each question will be asked to every candidate so don’t worry about getting unfairly difficult questions (or difficult questions full stop, executive roles generally get more serious questions but the majority of questions for non-exec roles will be similar to “What’s your favourite animal and why?”!)

7) The candidates will be asked to leave the room and following a brief discussion period votes will be cast, the candidates will be fetched from outside and the new committee member(s) will be announced!

Committee Positions

All the committee positions come with some general responsibilities, as well as those specific to your role. Committee are expected to supervise at redpoint and lead on trips, as well as having good attendance at club events and committee meetings


The role of president essentially has two main parts:managing the committee and club, and acting as a spokesperson for the club. For the first part you should be prepared to chair committee meetings, support other committee members in their roles and attempt to keep the club running smoothly. For the second bit you need to maintain positive links with the MAM and university, as well as any other organisations you encounter such as climbing centres.
A good understanding of how the committee and club function is very useful, as well as the ability to manage your time effectively. The role is incredibly rewarding, and gives you the chance to push the club in the direction you see fit, as well as get to know everyone in the club, but does come with quite a significant workload so you’ll need a healthy dose of love for UBMC and the glorious sport of mountaineering..
You’ll need to have good organisation and communication skills to keep your committee on track, to maintain good relations with the Guild and Sports Centre and to welcome climbers and newbies of all kinds into the club!

Talk to: Alex DANGER (Danger luvver), Ed Lewis.

Vice President

If you’re the kind of selfless angel who wants to manage the best club in the University and then let the president take all the credit, then this role is for you! In seriousness, the role will keep you busy organising summer trip, the annual hoodie and fleece orders, all of the relevant training for committee, and generally keeping an eye out for the health and safety of the club! While a lot of the work for VP typically occurs before first term even starts you’ll spend the rest of your time on committee being a reliable face, helping out at events and ensuring everything runs smoothly. A good knowledge of how a club is run goes a long way and an appreciation of the unique challenges that we face as a mountaineering club will only add to that. Taking on this role, you’ll also be keeping an eye on your president and all other committee members, ready to lend a hand where necessary. A recent extension to the role involves keeping any ex-VPs up to date on all the club gossip xoxo.
VP can feel like a demanding role at times, but with good personal management you’ll find it to be a hugely rewarding leadership position and, most importantly, great fun!!

Talk to: Nick Hill, George Taylor or John Luckett


The main role of Treasurer is to oversee the club’s finances, and make sure no one’s going overboard with spending on any trips or socials. When you’re Treasurer, you need to have a good idea of what our budget is, and what we need to spend it on, at any given time, to help other committee members budget for trips, talks and buying new gear for example. Another part of the role is applying for grants and sponsorship money, which can help us afford things such as more equipment to help new members, or helping to subsidise speakers for talks. You have to be quite organised as although the Guild sends us weekly statements, it can still require a lot of work to keep on track of all the expenses when money is constantly going in and out for whatever trip or event is happening that week. Overall, if you’re organised enough to keep on top of things and keep track of the finances, it’s a great committee position, with many opportunities to make some suave spreadsheets.

Talk to: Alice Purdy, Fergal Marrett or Piers Allen


As secretary, the main role is to record each of the committee meetings minutes, as well as those for the AGM. As the clubs contact to the BMC, it is also up to the secretary collect the insurance information from all members and ensure trip participants lists contain everyone's necessary details. Another important part is being in charge of UBMCs main email address and ensuring all emails reach the right people. You'll be kept busy keeping on top of everything, so it's important to be organised, but anyone considering running for the role should definitely go for it!

Talk to: Joe Ramsay

Gear Secs (2!)

(If just hearing the sound of hexes jungling in the wind puts a smile of your face, and seeing a beautifully coiled rope improves the view at a crag enormously then gear sec just might be for you! You and your partner in crime will be responsible for maintaining, signing out and collecting all of the clubs equipment! that means having and integral role at weekly redpoints, outdoor trips and any requests from members asking to borrow gear on personal trips. You’ll also be responsible for buying a shiny new rack, ropes and all other gear for the club at the end of your service! If you’re not entirely sure what on earth a rack is or how you go about coiling a rope that’s no worries at all you just need to be willing to learn, we can teach you everything you need to know!)

Talk to: DanPearce, Sophie Wilson, Lily Porat, George Taylor, Nick Hill, or John Luckett.

Team Secs (2!)

As Team Sec, you will be in charge of everything to do with the bouldering team that represents the university at competitions throughout the year (LUBE and BUCS). This includes budgeting for the year, organising team trials and team training, entering people into the competitions, sorting out transport for getting to and from the competitions and organising any other fun comps that the whole club can participate in. You do not need to be on the team to do this role! You will also have to fulfill regular committee duties such as supervising at redpoint, arranging some of the weekly climbing sessions (depot or redpoint), attending the club’s weekend trips and organising one of these trips yourself.
Speak to: Cecelia Hallpike or Joe Crolla

Social Secs (2!)

“I shudder at the thought of a world with UBMC socials.” - An ancient saying of the apocoletic stoats.

The social secs are; without doubt, the most important members of the committee (don’t let the pesky president tell you otherwise). We’re a society, and that means socializing. As a social sec you gain insight into Einstein’s lesser known equation Psyche=Success, as well as the power to determine how downright ridiculous everyone will be on a fortnightly basis at our socials.

“With great power, comes great responsibility.” - Ben (Uncle to spider-man by day, social-climber by night.)

Being a social sec is no easy task, but without a doubt carries with it some sensational rewards.
First of all there is the role that all committee members have; teaching belaying at Redpoint and supervising at the Depot (Wednesdays and Mondays respectively), going on weekend trips as well as attending socials (although I reckon you figured that one out already).
More specifically, the social secs (there are two, because everyone needs a partner in crime) are responsible for organising two trips, which are the biggest and best, as well as the bountiful source of memories for years to come. Stanage (fresher’s trip, ironically not at Stanage this past year) as well as Annual Dinner.

“We’re a drinking club with a climbing problem.” - Jonny Cheetham

The regular demand of a social sec is the planning, organising and running of our fortnightly socials. You have absolute control of them - the venues, activities and themes are all yours to change around as you wish. This does require high level of commitment and general organization, but is insanely fun and you’re guaranteed to get to know everyone in the club by the end of it! And there are few things greater than people chatting about how great the last social was at Redpoint the following Wednesday.
So if you fancy planning awesome socials, running fun trips and love a good chat then this is for you!

Talk to: John Harrison and/or Alex Howe for more information

Mountain Sec

Got yourself a Knighthood? Queen of England? ‘UBMC Mountain Secretary’ is still the coolest title you’ll ever own. This is the role for those of you who just love being out in the wild places, who enjoy routes with a little adventure (mountaineering, crazy trad, maybe even some 60-degrees overhanging ice…), and for those who want to get involved with the running of UBMC next year.

Your biggest commitment is the Scotland Trip – an epic week of winter mountaineering and climbing with a dash (or a dram if you will!) of Scottish culture. You’ll have a few other responsibilities, including organising exciting and informative mountaineering talks, teaching at Redpoint and on trips, and a few ‘traditional’ duties... Safe to say, you’ll need to be organised, enthusiastic, and up for a generally gnarly time!

Talk to: Jerome Lloyd, Danger luvver or Ed Lewis

Media Sec

Are you dedicated to Insta and want to share climbing pics far and wide? Are websites your gig? Media Secretary could be the role for you! It includes: promoting the club through Instagram, and the website and whatever other means you fancy. It also involves managing the forum and the Facebook group and advertising the club anyway you can.

You will be responsible for the mountainous task of getting the rest of committee’s trip reports and posting them on the web.

The role also means being UBMCs very own pro photographer/in charge of stealing other people’s fabulous climbing photos (with creds and perms of course!) and showing them off. Organise a photo competition or a naked calendar if you really want to get jazzy

Talk To: Eve Shalom or Joe Ramsay

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